IMPORTANT: All campers who are registered together must follow the same basic schedule (same weeks, same number of days per week, half or full day).

    If you would like to register individuals for different weeks or for different durations of participation (half vs full day or full week vs partial week) please complete this form more than once. Let us know via email and we can help to process the multi-child discount.

  • Overground Förderverein Membership

    Overground Förderverein Member Discounts:
    Multi-week "Free Lunch" - 15chf per day or 75chf per week discount on additional weeks.
    Family Discount - Register more than one child and additional registrations receive a 15% discount.

    Reduced Rates on Single Training Admissions, Multi-Visit Training Abos, Courses, Birthday Parties and Competitions.

    The Overground Förderverein supports the development of Ninja Warrior, Parkour, Calisthenics, Tricking, Freestyle Trampoline and other Obstacle or Acrobatic Sports. The aim of the Forderverein is to help build the foundations of these sports and to support athletes through their sport journey.

    Overground Förderverein Annual Memberships
    (expires April 30, 2024)
    Family Membership: 120CHF
    Single Youth Membership (ages 5-16): 40CHF

  • Different theme, new activities and experiences each week!

    Low intensity and fun, with lots of activities and variety.

    Week 1 03.07. - 07.07. - Mogli Week - The Jungle Book
    Learn to Swing, Jump and Climb like a wind animal! Special trips to St Johann and Birsköpfli.
    Week 2 10.07 - 14.07. - Summer Splash 🌊
    Feeling hot? Don't worry, this week is all about water games and fun! Special trips to Kannenfeld and Schutzenmatt.
    Week 3 17.07 - 21.07. - Flash and Dash 🌇
    Did you know that Basel is just one giant playground? Get ready for some fun in the city with outdoor training! Special trips to Dreirosen and Im Grunen.
    Week 4 24.07 - 28.07. - Super Heros Fly! ✈️
    Do you want to fly like Superman or swing like Spider-Man? Do you want to be as strong as Hulk? This week you can be your favorite superhero! Special trips to Voltaplatz and Birsköpfli.
    Week 5 31.07. - 04.08. - Swiss Swing and Spin 🌪
    A Swiss week of swinging, spinning, and having fun! We will explore the hidden opportunities all around us... Just don't get too dizzy! Special trips to St Johann and Kannenfeld and Swiss Day fun.
    Week 6 07.08. - 11.08. - Earth, Wind and Fire 🌎💨🔥
    It's summer, so let's get outside and train in a more natural environment, nature itself! Special trips to Lange Erlen and Kannenfeld.

    ADVANCED NINJA CAMP (available weeks 1,2,4 & 6):
    Raise the bar with some amazing adult athletes coaching you on the best techniques, strategies and tricks to help you improve!

    Week 1 03.07. - 07.07. - Special trips to St Johann and Birsköpfli.
    Week 2 10.07 - 14.07. - Special trips to Kannenfeld and Schutzenmatt.
    Week 4 24.07 - 28.07. - Special trips to Voltaplatz and Birsköpfli.
    Week 6 07.08. - 11.08. - Special trips to Lange Erle and Kannenfeld.

    ELITE NINJA CAMP (available during week 5 only):
    Elite Ninja Camp is a high performance camp intended for athletes who hope to compete as Ninja Warrior athletes at competitions or even to perform of the Ninja Warrior Television Show. This camp involves lots of time on equipment, technical drills, technical obstacle and full stage challenges and fitness conditioning.